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Monday, December 22, 2008


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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blood Donation Camp

December 12, 2008 : Blood Donation Camp at Polaris Seepz

Umang Champion : Ashish Goyal

80 bottles of blood were collected with the help of Sarla Blood Bank, Vasai

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e-Strain Seminar

December 12, 2008 : e-strain Seminar for TCS, Thane Employees on Eye Care in Electronic Era

45 Employees attended the seminar.
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

e-Strain Seminar

December 10, 2008 : e-Strain Seminar for Lehman Brothers (Now Nomura India) Employees on Eye Care in Electronic Era

93 Employees attended this seminar
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blood Donation Camp

December 5, 2008 : Donation Camp at Polaris Goregaon

118 bottles of blood were collected with the Sarla Blood Bank, Vasai.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Burn's Seminar

November 15, 2008 : Seminar by Burn’s Association for more than 100 kids in 2 sessions in Vithalwadi

Umang Champion : Megha Doshi
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Drawing Competition

November 15, 2008 : Drawing Competition for Under Privilege Children on Saturday

Imagination is different world and when imagination is on paper; it is called as ART.

With Imagination in the mind and colors in hand, more than 100 children in the area of Vithalwadi have sketched their best arts on the sheet; best of those was later awarded with many gifts.

To search such talented artist among these children, Umang Foundation has organized a Drawing Competition for the children who beg in trains and on street for their livelihood and study in the evening at AASARA Child care home in Vithalwadi near Kalyan.

More than 20 members from Umang Foundation had come together to celebrate the Children Day with children in the area and to make a day cheerful and

Umang Foundation is continuously try to bridge between professional from corporate and under privilege children in outskirts of Mumbai and this is one more effort towards the same goal.

On the Occasion of Children Day (14th November), we had following activities:

1. Drawing Competition of more than 100 children with WAX Colors
2. 100 Children were in three age groups (3 – 6 years, 6 – 10 years and 10 – 14 years)
3. Banana and Fruity for all kids
3. Complete Lunch Meal for all children
4. Balls, Water Bottles, Masks, Pencil Box, Water Colors and Sketch Pens distribution to all children
5. Prize Distribution as 1st / 2nd / 3rd in all the three categories.
6. More than 10 Dozen notebooks have been donated to AASARA
7. Seminar arranged for children for fire hazards and safety majors.
8. Magic show by known Magician Mr Sooraj

A Day with the tender buds!!

For the Members of Umang foundation, the week end started at 7 in the morning heading towards Vithalwadi for celebrating children's day with those children who did not have anyone to tell them about the significance of the day. If they knew something, it was to earn a living by doing odd jobs.

When the members reached in the morning there were children from various places in outskirts of Mumbai. We had to accommodate more than 100 children and the place we have been provided in the area was too small for all of them to fit. So we had to divide ourselves and the children in two groups and started with our activities.

It started with the drawing competition where all the children were provided with drawing sheets, pencil, eraser and a box of crayon colors each so as to put their thought on the paper.

Each volunteer guided a group of 8 to 10 Umang Foundation members to help boost up their innovative ideas and the enthusiasm and the results shown by those children were awesome. After this concentration job we lightened up the mood with lots of music, dancing and singing performance by the children. They sang loud in unison, forgetting all the differences in them. To see them dancing was to see them realizing their childhood which I really doubt how often they could.
After these joyous moments they were screened a small seminar on fire hazards and safety measures. They were keen to hear everything that the instructor said readily answered his questions and were ready with their own curious questions. It was hard to believe that these little people did not go to proper schools.

It was time for lunch by then. Umang Foundation had arranged a food for all children. The meal started after a small prayer. There was all silence in the room when the food went down to their stomach. They relished it to the last bite, knowing the importance of each grain, not wasting what they took in their plates. They were small but mannered to up their own plates to dispose it themselves.

After all this the children were taken to an open ground where the Umang Foundation had arranged a magic show for them. There were roars of claps as they saw the magician in his fancy robes. The excitement showed up as their eager eyes as they watched the magician perform his art. There were giggles as the magician performed funny tricks on them at times.

Yes... We, Umang Foundation had expected the event to end by midday 1 pm. And to our surprise at this point it was already 3 pm, and there was still lot of excitement to come for the kids. Our joy knew no time bounds, no space bounds as we saw their innocent faces, their enthusiasm about the day and their receptiveness and presence to gain all out of it.

Last but not the least, the distribution of small gifts that are daily necessities for us but luxury for them. The smallest age group was gifted with a colorful ball and fancy water bottle with animal faces over the cover. The elder age group was distributed a pencil box set that composed of a pouch, pencil, eraser, sharpener. Face masks were distributed to all the kids which made some kids look scary, some jokers and some fruity. It gave us pride to see the drawing competition winners proudly posing at the camera with their prizes!

After all was done we felt heavy to leave the place as the children said good bye to us waving till we reached the end of the narrow lanes. They seemed contend for the day and brave, all set for the next day!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Students in India Take Social Change into Their Own Hands

Courtsey : The WIP Magazine

by Zakeer Fehmida, India

Fehmida Zakeer

Not long ago, a young man named Srinivas and his friends had just planted saplings along one of Chennai's busy thoroughfares and stood wondering how they could ensure the plants' survival amidst the sidewalk bustle. A nearby bicycle shop owner offered discarded bicycle tubes and suggested converting them into plant barriers. The tubes were piled together and the saplings got a new lease on life. Their efforts were part of their work with Diya, a social welfare organization that Srinivas and a group of his fellow IT professionals formed in response to their desire to help provide a platform for citizens to come forward and participate in resolving issues of public interest. Srinivas is one of Diya’s co-founders and says of his organization’s objectives, “We keep looking for ways to step out and make a genuine difference to our society, whether that means a slum development initiative, or a tree planting drive, or lending a helping hand to a blind school.”

Sangam India picks one community at a time in Chennai and helps guide it towards prosperity and self-sufficiency. Photograph courtesy of Sangam India.
In another part of Chennai, a group of medical students was distributing food to underprivileged children near their college when a man walked up to them with a request, “Can you help me send my daughters to school?” In a section of society where education for girls does not even warrant a cursory thought, here was a father who wanted to send not just one, but two daughters, to high school. The medical students soon founded Sangam India to help improve the quality of life for those in underprivileged communities. Their plan was to adopt one disadvantaged community at a time and guide it towards self-sufficiency by supporting education for children, providing vocational training to adults and establishing public health measures.

“We pass by slums and impoverished people on a daily basis but how often, if at all, do we stop and actually consider what their lives might actually be like? Where do they go when it rains and floods? What happens to them when they fall sick? Do their children go to school? What are their hopes and dreams? The answers will come only if we actually stop and meet the people staying there, and take the time to know the cadences of their lives on a personal [level],” say Nivedita Gunturi and Sriram Ramgopal, medical students and founders of Sangam India.

Diya established a school for the blind, utilizing volunteers as teachers. Photograph courtesy of Diya.
In Mumbai, IT professionals Ashish Goyal and his friends found that many of their colleagues were suffering from vision related problems. They started researching the issue and were appalled at the statistics they uncovered. “Ninety percent of the world's blind live in developing countries, a child becomes blind every minute. Lack of resources, poverty, non-availability of trained professionals and lack of outreach programs are just a few reasons that India is home to more than one third of the [world’s] blind,” says Ashish, co-founder of Umang Foundation.

But the group was encouraged to learn that seventy five percent of these cases are preventable or treatable and that the treatment and cure of blindness is among the most cost effective and successful of all health interventions. This proved to be the impetus for their first project, an eye education initiative that targeted 100,000 school children in and around Mumbai.

Lending a Helping Hand

“Lots of youngsters have an inherent proclivity towards social work,” explains Srinivas, “but are unable to act in a cogent fashion for want of a platform where they can work with other like-minded people and create a lasting impact.”

When Diya was first founded, the focus was on charity related activities, but they have now shifted to capacity building activities like running tutoring centers and vocational training centers. Collaborating with other organizations has helped Diya execute systematic and meticulous projects.

Diya worked with Nizhal, an organization devoted to developing green cover within the city of Chennai. “The group provided us with all technical input to not only ensure that the planted trees have a maximum chance of surviving but also to factor in issues like biodiversity,” says Srinivas.

Partnering with an organization devoted to empowering visually challenged women, Diya set up a school for blind students where office colleagues volunteer as teachers. The volunteers, some of whom were embarking on such work for the first time, were initially nervous, but soon warmed to their new role. “I started teaching [the students] the basics of English grammar, which they dutifully recorded in their Braille notes. At the end of the session it was as much a learning experience for me as it was, hopefully, for them,” says a volunteer named Krishna. He plans to continue his work.

Akshay Shah and Deena Sawlani, co-founders of Umang list the benefits of opening the doors of their social welfare organization to anyone who is interested in doing their part for society. “Having members from different backgrounds such as college students, professionals from IT, finance and management sectors, as well as doctors and senior citizens, makes available a wide spectrum of services. It also provides a great way to network and meet new people.” Deena further points out that collaborating with established organizations helps members interact better and provide services faster.

The members of Umang Foundation understand that collaboration allows them to provide more effective services. Photograph courtesy of the Umang Foundation.
Srinivas understands the benefits of working with organizations that already have a presence in society, “Leveraging our strong and widely spread member network to mobilize funds and resources for organizations which do not enjoy high visibility but are doing an enormous amount of work for the poor and the underprivileged helps to sustain their work and also widens the scope of their service.”

Networking for Success

The growth mechanism of all these youth initiatives has been simple: friends rope in more friends, and members ultimately choose their levels of participation. Many of the volunteers are pursuing their social work in addition to keeping full time jobs and studies. A combination of sound planning, clear-cut delegation and responsibility, and an open decision-making process creates a sense of ownership and accountability in every member.

“Money doesn't solve everything - in fact, it doesn't solve much. The problems we are facing cannot be solved with money alone. Instead, we are up against hard and often ugly cultural patterns that prevent people from becoming self-respecting, self-sufficient members of society. These [patterns] are hard to change and they require a lot of dedication and compassion for the people being served,” says Sriram.

Srinivas and his friends managed to protect their saplings, and they helped set up a school for the blind in addition to converting a thatched roof tutoring center into a brick and mortar structure. Their list of successes does not end there, whether it is bringing a smile to the elderly or setting up a library for underprivileged school children who would otherwise not have access to one.

The two girls whose father requested help are now enrolled in high school thanks to the efforts of Sangam India members. The group has also been busy holding health camps, ranging from pediatric, dental, ear and eye, to gynecological examinations for women. “During the camps, we found that women are not only undervalued by society but by themselves as well - women are ingrained with the belief of not according any value to their health. They would rather sit at home and cook rather than go to a doctor for a check up, even if it is free. Every woman deserves to be empowered, every child deserves to have an education. How many Gandhis and Einsteins do we lose everyday because of their sheer lack of opportunity?” asks Nivedita.

The Umang members meanwhile surveyed students across Mumbai and identified vision problems among those who were not even aware of having any sight related problems. They have also launched initiatives to educate the public about ways to take care of eyes and avoid the after-effects of overexposure to computers and televisions.

“A positive intention can make all the difference,” says Deena. “One-on-one interaction and a system of role models can help spread so much happiness and joy, especially among children. So many children need role models to look up to, they crave the attention that they so rarely get in their own communities,” agrees Sriram.

Young people, some still in school themselves or barely out of college and earning their first salaries, are proving that all it takes to bring about positive changes in society is the will to help.

About the Author
Fehmida Zakeer is a freelance writer based in Chennai, India. Her articles have been published in various online and print publications including Herbs for Health (US), Azizah Magazine (US), the Indian editions of Good Housekeeping, Prevention, Better Homes and Garden, Child magazine and others. She covers topics related to health and nutrition, childcare, women's empowerment and development.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Free Evaluation

November 3 – 7, 2008 : Free Evaluation of e-Strain Scorecard of 690 TCS BPO Employees, Vikhroli
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Diwali Celebration

October 25, 2008 : Diwali Celebration at Old Age Home, Borivali (W)

1. Decoration with Rangoli (Colors & Flowers), 1 Big and 25 Small Paper Lamp and Jhaalars
2. Music/Songs with Orchestra (Professionals) with Instruments and Music Systems
3. Lunch for all (Residents & Umang Volunteers)
4. Sweets for all (We have brought Kaju Katli, Ladoo and Chaakri for all)
5. Set of ‘4’ Diyas, Candle Box, 1 Spectacles Cover, 1 Medicine Box and Candles for every residents (we have gifted 200 decorative Diyas)

Once again Members of Umang Foundation has brought the smile on many faces and celebrated Diwali festival with variety of music and decoration at Old Age Home.

Almost every Umang Member have started their day at approx 06:30 AM on Saturday October 25, 2008 and as per schedule we have reached the Old Age Home between 09:15 - 09:20 AM.

We have taken morning tea and breakfast at Kisan Gopal Rajpuriya Vanprasatha Aasram (Old Age Home), Bhayendar West, Mumbai.

10:00 AM: We have started the music with "Ganesh Stuti" followed by many memorable Old Bollywood Songs. Residents at Old Age Home liked the music and all the songs sung by Umang Volunteers so much that they even forget about their Lunch and we have to asked them again and again to go for lunch.

Songs were:
• "Kisi ki muskurahat par ho nisaar..."
• "Raja ki aayegi Baarat, rangili hogi raat..."
• "Jhoom Jhoom ke nacho aaj..."
• "Bekraar karke humein yuh naa jayiye..."
• "Tu pyaar ka saagar hai..."
• "Mohabbat zinda rehti hai..."
• "Aa chal ke tujhe mein le ke chalu..."
• "Chalte chalte yuhi koi mil gaya tha..."
• "Kasme vaade pyaar waf sab baatien hai baato ka kya..."
• "Chandi ki deewar naa todiye..."
• and many more....(30-35 songs were fusion too)

We have also arranged a Mimicry "Ravan ki Pagaar naa milne par kya hota hai" which was again liked by everyone followed by many other fillers for the show.

By this time all the residents are in mood to enjoy and start coming up themselves with a little push to sing the songs and shayris.

01:00 PM : We have arranged a Lunch for all the Residents and Volunteers which was started with serving lunch to Residents and after lunch we have arranged a "Bhajan Time" which was attended by few residents as many of them moved for rest in their rooms and most of them came back to the common room after half and hour.

03:30 PM : It's a time for TEA for all which we have served with Ladoo and Chaakri.

Between 1:00 PM and 04:00 PM all the volunteers got a good time to interact with residents.

04:00 PM: It's time to say "Good Bye - Happy Diwali and Fir Milenge", till this time all the residents and volunteers are so emotionally attached that its tough to say these words from both sides but Umang Volunteers with cheerful smiles on their faces gave a gifts of "Diyas", "Candles", "Spectacles Case" and "Small Medicine Box" to all residents.

On the Way back we have splitted into two groups; One group towards Feri from Gorai Beach and other followed the way to Bhayendar Station.

On behalf of Umang Foundation I would like to thank each and everyone for their participation and would like to congratulate personally to make this event a memorable successful event.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

e-Strain Seminar

October 8, 2008 : e-Strain Seminar for TCS, SEEPZ Employees on Eye Care in Electronic Era

Umang Champion : Chandni Shah
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Sunday, October 5, 2008

e-Strain Seminar

October 4, 2008 : e-strain Seminar for Reliance Communication, DAKC Employees on Eye Care in Electronic Era

Umang Champion : Ashish Goyal
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

e-Strain Seminar

September 12, 2008 : e-Strain Seminar for Datamatics, SEEPZ Employees on Eye Care in Electronic Era

Umang Champion : Vishal Jain
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Promote Education

September 6, 2008 : Distribution of Note Books to the more than 100 under privileged school students in Ulhasnagar

School Name : Balkanjibari School, Ulhasnagar, Mumbai

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Blood Donation Camp

September 5, 2008 : Blood Donation Camp at K C College of Management, Colaba

118 bottles of blood were collected with the Saifee Hospital - Blood Bank

Umang Champions : Manali Shah

Special Thanks to Flossy Joseph, Principal K C College of Management, Colaba
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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Visit to Tribal Village

August 31, 2008 : Distribution of School Bags, Floaters, and One Meal (Lunch) among 200 tribal students in village near Vikramgarh, Thane

Thanks to Patni Systems (, for raising funds and be a partner for this activity

Umang Champion : Team Patni
Supporters : Megha Doshi, Akshay Shah, Deepti Shrivastava & Ashish Goyal

For More Photographs :
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NGO distributes free stationery

Courtsey : Times of India - Dombivali Kalyan Plus (


NGO distributes free stationery
Posted On Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 03:17:50 PM

by Sangeeta Sharma

On Saturday, 23rd August, Umang Foundation-a Mumbai-based social activity group distributed notebooks and stationery items, in an event held in Ulhasnagar, to more than 170 underprivileged school children. It was done in coordination with AASRA-the Kalyan branch of the Mumbai-based, government- recognized 'Helpline' for the orphan, handicapped and all kinds of needy children.

Kids cheer after receiving notebooks and pens

The gift of books was like an academic lifeline to the deprived kids and appreciation was quick. "The day was marked with hundreds of starry-eyed, innocent, smiling faces with millions of dreams in their eyes, grateful, that their immediate academic needs had been catered to and they could now continue their studies without any stumbling blocks," remarked Ashish Goyal, one of the main organizers of the event. "We were keen to help these kids. They are the building blocks of our society and support should be extended from all quarters so that they are able to pursue education," said Deena Sawlani, one of the founder members of the Umang Foundation. The event started at 11:15 sharp with a Saraswati-vandana to invoke the blessings of the Goddess. Father George, Managing Director, AASRA, shared his experiences with the children and informed them how a child can take the help of 'Childline' by dialling a toll free no. 1098 and get immediate attention from rescue teams. It was followed by an inaugural message by Akshay Shah, a founder member, who shared the importance of studies and the cause of Umang.

This campaign was initially planned for 360 school students and it has been divided into three phases and will be conducted on September 6 and 13, 2008, wherein more than 200 school students of Ulhasnagar will benefit.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Musical Concert

August 28, 2008 : Light Musical concert for 150 Cancer Patients at Subhalaxmi Auditorium, Sion

Music Heals ... Many Wounds ...

Umang Foundation, a Mumbai based social activity group in association with R S Swaminathan, has organized a Musical Concert for approx 150 Cancer Patients of TATA Memorial Hospital and Research Center, Mumbai. A Musical Evening was leaded by Mohan Pendse a founder of Pendse Music Academy, Thane

A nascent NGO "Umang Foundation" has been a very active group since its inception in July '08, formed by IT / Finance / Management professionals working in many multinational companies in the city. The NGO is committed to conduct a broad range of activities for different social causes.

We had been planning to arrange this kind of musical evening from Day 1 of Umang, said Ashish Goyal (24 years) – Founder, Umang Foundation. A Smile on many innocent faces over here, gives a very satisfying feeling in bottom of your heart, you can realize that this evening should be organized on a regular interval for these patients, added Ashish Goyal.

I am blessed to have young founders of Umang Foundation with me said R S Swaminathan (48 years), being a Umang Champion for this activity I was little worried earlier but I am very happy to see smile on the face of every patients from Tata Memorial Hospital said Swaminathan. We have almost 150 patients with us in the evening which have came from different hostels of Tata Memorial Hospital to attend this Musical Evening and today we will make sure that it will be memorable for every patients for many years from now. We will be organizing such events on a regular basis from now onwards added Swaminathan.

We believe in bigger objective in life and hence we believe in changing the way we live said Akshay Shah (24 years), co-founder – Umang Foundation. If we can make one such evening joyful for these patients, then that will be memorable for both sides, these people are in challenging phase of their life and we are just trying to bring them out from that pain added Akshay Shah.

I feel myself fortunate that I am associated with Umang Foundation, and getting involved in noble cause said Pankaj Shah (53 years).

We are always there to support and perform for the noble cause, wherever society is going to get benefitted, said Mohan Pendse, Pendse Music Academy, Thane.

At Umang Foundation, we believe in bringing changes to life of many people in our society where we live in, no matter it is to promote education among under privilege school children in out skirts of Mumbai or cheering them when they dance on the stage today in front of us, we believe in spreading happiness and smile among every section of our society, said Deena Sawlani, co-founder Umang Foundation.

Mr. Ashok Deshmukh, (62 years), a social worker and a representative of Tata Memorial Hospital and Research Center said that we have been organizing many such events in all these years and in fact we arrange at least 4 events every month, but I have never seen such arrangements for our patients in my 20 years of service for these patients. Our patients have enjoyed a lot and I can assure you that the take away today for our patients is really amazing and above our expectation. I thank you R S Swaminathan and Umang Foundation to arrange such events. Also I request you to please arrange such events on a regular interval, added Deshmukh.

Description about the evening

During refreshments children were discussing about their favorite songs and actor – actress and then proceed directly to the Auditorium. Evening was started with a Ganesh Aradhana by Anagha Pendse (A female singer of the group)

Sachin Muley, (A male singer of the group) have started with a very soothing song as per the situation ‘Ho naa jaayieee’ – ‘Taare Zameen Par’, everybody was already charged to enjoy the evening but still everybody listening the song very quietly.

‘Dil hai Chhota sa’ – ‘Roja’ was sung by Anagha Pendse and audience start singing together and clapping along with the song.

‘Ankho mein teri’ – ‘Om Shanti Om’ was sung by Sachin Muley and this time, children rock the floor and it was all surprised when they start approaching towards the stage to dance.

Now this is the time for Anagha Pendse, and she presented ‘Gunji see hai yeh’ – ‘Kuch Na Kaho’

Now the big surprise of the evening was waiting for the audience ‘Mimicry’ by Mr. Raju Chaudhary, a well known Mimicry artist in Mumbai.

Now, Mohan Pendse called up their students on stage to perform in the evening and they played couple of instrumental tunes on guitars and Mandolin.

Again, Anagha Pendse took the charge and performs ‘Babuji dheere chalna’ and everybody start shouting with once more - once more.

Once again Mohan Pendse called up their student on stage and this time students of class 6th and 7th perform on keyboard, they were 6 in group.

At last on the ending note, with many children dancing on the stage Sachin Muley sung the song ‘Jab se tere naina’ – ‘Om Shanti Om’

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Sight today, gone tomorrow…

Courtsey : The Hindu - NGX

by Ankit Rawal

Sight today, gone tomorrow…

INTITIATIVE Four youngsters are doing their bit in creating awareness on child blindness through Umang. ANKIT RAWAL


‘The sky is the limit’ they say. Manav Makhija espoused this adage right from his school days not just figuratively. He wanted to become a pilot. Having cleared the Combined Defence Services Exam, he was all set to fly high. Alas, life isn’t always fair. He was diagnosed with colour blindness and he couldn’t fly.

Staggering stats

Imagine the trauma of those who cannot distinguish between colours. Think of those who have only one colour in their palette of life. Black! India is home to the world’s largest number of visually challenged people. Of the 37 million people across the globe who are blind, over 15 million are from India, two million of which are children.What’s worth noting is that 80 per cent of these cases are curable or preventable through proper care and timely medical administration. Ironically, most of us tend to ‘turn a blind eye’ to this situation. All that we offer is a bit of sympathy.

However, it took four young enthusiastic people to be proactive in this regard and do their bit for society. They founded ‘Umang’ a Mumbai based Social Activity Group to promote awareness on child blindness.Ashish, founding member of Umang, who works at a leading investment bank in Mumbai says, “Our eyes are responsible for more than 78 per cent of the inputs received by our body. Eyes are very sensitive organs and are as important as our heart or brain. But we take our eyes for granted. We hardly get them checked up primarily because of neglect, difficulty in approachability, false perception of high costs involved and most importantly lack of awareness. Children are the worst affected because of long hours of TV, video games, lack of sleep and stress. There’s nothing like a one-to-one eye examination by a trained ophthalmologist. The limited number of ophthalmologists for a country as vast as ours makes it impossible to administer each and everyone.”

Hence, the first step to fill this gap is to create awareness among parents, teachers and society at large about child blindness and how it can be cured with timely treatment. This is what prompted Umang to run their campaign ‘Care4Vission’ ( It is a questionnaire administered by trained volunteers that is aimed at giving parents and teachers a feedback on visual health of a child. The test has been pilot tested on children in the age group of five to 16 years. It suggests further course of action in case of a possibility of visual impairment.

Ashish and his team have currently surveyed more than 22,000 students across various schools in Mumbai and have confirmed that the results have been staggering. It has not only accurately judged the visual health of the children but has also made parents and children more health conscious with regard to their eyes. Going forward Ashish says they want to move towards the slum areas especially Dharavi where the need is much more for such campaigns. Another initiative on similar lines is ‘e-strain’ (electronic strain) on the eye due to over exposure to the TV and the computer. This assumes a lot of significance in today’s world and for the new generation.

By giving tips for the eyes, Do’s and Don’ts, Eye Yoga, Ergonomics and other such initiatives, Umang Foundation is trying to spread awareness about the proper care one should take for the eye.In its short period of existence, Umang has been involved in many activities like promotion and support of the education of the underprivileged, support of orphanages, old-age homes, blood donation camps etc. Deena, another founding member of Umang, said that simple activities like singing, dancing, mono-acting etc. at an old-age home can bring smiles on the faces of the residents. She believes that a smile is never old.

Spreading out

Akshay, member of Umang mentioned that although they started the foundation with just four members and limited resources, their network is now spreading far and wide. Umang is now supported by a diverse network of working professionals, college students, doctors, journalists and a few elite citizens. Lot of people display a willingness to do something for the society, but are oblivious to the means of doing the same. It envisages providing the right platform to these people by helping them partner with NGOs and the appropriate set of people. For each activity there is an Umang champion who plans and implements it. Akshay adds that Umang aims to create a difference in the society by bringing the change we want to see in the society we live in. Truly, the initiatives by Umang seem to justify its name. Umang Foundation can be contacted at: umangfoundation@

Ankit is a II Year MBA student from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In Tune to Fight Cancer

Courtsey :

Thursday August 28, 2008 from 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Bharat Ratna M S Subhalaxmi Auditorium
Next to SIES School, Bhaudaji Road Extension, Sion
Mumbai, Maharashtra Get Directions

Umang Foundation has organized musical concert for 150 cancer patients of Tata Memorial Hospital.

For Details Contact 9819940222.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Promote Education among children

August 23, 2008 : Distribution of Books, School Uniforms and School Bags in the 3 school of Ulhasnagar

Umang Champion : Deena Sawlani & Hema Permanandani

Supporters : Swapna More, Gargee Lad, Meena Jain, Akshay Shah, Surender Pendam, Pooja Ochani, Archana and Ashish Goyal, Kanish Vadera, Megha Doshi, Sandeep Bhanushaali, Ashish Kharkhanis and Veena Sawant

Thanks to AASARA, Mr Sharad and his team from Kalyan Child Line and Special Thanks to Father Jodigama, Director AASARA, Mumbai

Once again it was opportunity for all members of Umang Foundation to bring the smile on many innocent faces who have thirst to study further but due to their family financial situation they could not study as their is unavailability of stationary.

Also here we have also sponsored education of 8 children who are studying the early class of their school.

Event was inaurgrated with the Saraswati Vandana by the group of school girls.
We have individually called every child on the floor and Umang Volunteers have distributed the notebooks to all children in their hands and wish them Good Luck for their studies.

Note Books were already segregated as per the Class wise requirement of the children.

Distribution of Book and Note Books to 160 students, School Uniforms to 6 students and School Bags to 15 students to the more than 160 under privileged school students in the 3 school of Ulhasnagar

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