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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Umang Foundation’s bags national laurel !!!

Umang Foundation’s bags national laurel !!!

Umang Foundation, is a Mumbai based NGO has evolved to prove time and again that it dares to make a difference to the society with its niche commitment, dedication and above all it keep faith in its team.  It has quite a few varied activities under its umbrella for achieving its goal but its primary focus has never shifted from activities related to education.  Team Umang believes that literacy in India is surely one of key contributors to its progress.. Due to its staunch belief in education being the future of the country, Umang Foundation launched its flagship project called “Promote Education- Ek kadam ujjwal bhavishya ki aur” in 2008. Thousands of students have till date have benefitted translating into  reduced dropouts from the schools. This has been vouched for by the staff of the beneficiary schools. This was the fifth consecutive academic year when Team Umang has again worked tirelessly for Promote Education. Team Umang with its unmatchable zeal entered the Limca Book of Records for distribution of the stationery kits to 9125 students of 31 schools in a single day.

Pooja Agarwal Goyal,  an active member of Team Umang stated that “the enthusiasm of our team is very infectious and each time it always helps us to do a little more the previous  time.  From getting the funding to sourcing the raw- materials to preparation of the stationery kits, Team Umang toiled round the clock for months for this mega event. The actual distribution happened on June 23, 2012 which was witnessed by the representative of the Limca Book for Records The efforts of more than 200 Team Umang volunteers made the stationery distribution seamless.”

Ashish Goyal – Founder and Managing Trustee of Umang  Foundation clarified that “We have a very meticulous progress by virtue of which we select the financially weak students as beneficiary. Our team conducts on-site checks before and after the distribution to eliminate any chances of mis-utilisation or any mal-practice whatsoever “ He also adds “This year marks a milestone for Team Umang as it achieves its long-cherished dream of distributing the stationery kits to more than 10,000 students in a single day. It has received the certificate and safely secured its position in the 2013 of the Limca Book of Records “

One of the excited Team Umang members expressed that “Whoever witnesses this event will have a recall of it for lifetime. The enthusiasm and the smiles of the student’s mermised us and we felt all the hard work over months was completely worth. The grandness of the event was just there to see. The team co-ordination and the support from schools was ace to just make it an ideal event. Actually this year we have distributed to 11500+ students although Limca Book of Records held 9125 as the final count which was achieved by the closing time of record creation.

With this achievement under the belt, Team Umang’s focus would now shift to identify another remote area like Ulhasnagar, where they can identify more such students and schools that are having similar needs. As Ashish Goyal, Founder of Umang Foundation, keeps reiterating time and again, “This event is a significant stepping stone to our ultimate goal of eradicating the drop-outs to near zero levels for all the primary and higher secondary students of these schools. We continue to strive to achieve such milestones and multiply them year on year.” And always he ends saying “Team Umang believes, there’s more to life.”

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