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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hindustan Times - HT Lives

Guru Poornima with a 'sweet' difference - a Celebration at H K Chainani Old Age Home by Team of Umang Foundation

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Spreading Umang in Old Age Home

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Blood Donation Camp

July 30, 2010 : Blood Donation Camp at Development Credit Bank, Prabhadevi, Mumbai

This Camp is organized with Sir J J Raktpethi - Metro Blood Bank where 24 blood bottles were collected
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blood Donation Camp

July 27, 2010 : Blood Donation Camp at Development Credit Bank, Vikhroli, Mumbai

This Camp is organized with Sir J J Raktpethi - Metro Blood Bank where 42 blood bottles were collected
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Memorable evening at an Old Age home

On a lazy Sunday evening on 25th July 2010, a bunch of enthusiastic and passionate people representing Umang Foundation, took time out to share moments of joy with some old people at an Old Age Home ( H.K.Chainani’s Elder’s Home) in Mulund (E), Mumbai.

The event was started at around 5pm in the evening where members from Umang Foundation started with introducing themselves to make the inmates familiar and comfortable for the complete evening.

A full-on comedy and interesting drama was prepared specially for the evening by Karm Kala Manch – A Theater group based out in Andheri (E). The lead theatre artists and the director of the group were present to demonstrate their skills of acting which brought a huge smile on the faces of the people present on the day.

As we entered the home, there were all dwelling faces and were looking out for a hand to pull them out of their worries for a change. While these people do get fed and clothed, what they lack is someone to hug and talk with and Team Umang along with the theatre group were successful enough to interact and communicate with them to help them forget all their pains and sorrows.

The drama was followed by the musical evening wherein some of the young talent amongst the Team Umang helped in making the evening all the more memorable with their melodious voices. The musical chords were strikened by Mr. Dayal from the Old age home who initiated with a beautiful old hit number “Tum se accha kaun hai “

Old memories were refreshened after listening to some memorable hit romantic numbers sung by Ms.Prashasti Shukla, Mr. Anup Palod, Mr Vishal Jain and other members of Team Umang.

Special requests of devotional songs and old hit songs started pouring in soon after the musical extravaganza began. There were happy faces in the crowd to see the young people spend their time with them when they thought they were left alone by their own kith and kin. As always, what we take away is more than what we give. It’s been rightly said that “Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul”

This was followed by a energetic and interesting game of Housie wherein "Enthusiasm” to participate, “Competitive Spirit” in playing games and “Family Culture” supporting each other displayed by 60+years’ young fathers & mothers were lessons for all 20+years old working professionals from various backgrounds!!

“Guess the product” was the next game in which most of the TV buffs from the old age home gave a touch competition to each other by guessing the product within a fraction of second!! Gifts were given away to lucky winners. One could see both excitement in the winners' faces and disappointment in those of who lost; exhibiting that there is still a lot of spirit left in them!

A Vote of thanks was given by the Mr Ashok Sahani, Caretaker of H K Chainani Elders Home, filled with wishes and prayers for all. The whole event was organized by humble request by Mr. Kunal Pimpalikar and his whole family, who wished to celebrate “Guru Poornima” in loving memory of his Late Grandmother. The whole Pimpalikar family were seen to be present at the venue to cheer up and help the Umang Foundation’s team in bringing smiles on the faces of our father and mother like figures !!

It was then time to celebrate the birthdays of the inmates who were born in the month of July. Two big cakes were brought in and birthday caps were worn by everybody to cheer up the Birthday Boys J J

Home-made yummy Dinner prepared by Mrs. Pimpalikar was the last on the cards for these inmates in Old Age Home. Team Umang served the dinner to all the inmates and for a change giving a rest to care-takers of Old age home for a day!!

While leaving from the Elders home, everybody seemed to be so overwhelmed by Team Umang efforts that some of them had tears of joy in their eyes!! It was indeed a heart-warming and memorable evening for all of them.

Don’t they wish to celebrate Diwali, Christmas, Id or Guru Poornima with their families as we do?

Don’t they wish to live, chat and share their feelings with their own family as we do?

Just imagine how they feel without their dear ones. They wake up every morning with a hope that their dear ones will definitely come to meet them and take them back this day. But every night is disappointing. And this cycle becomes a part of their life. Needless to say, Umang Foundation gave them a little regard and they showered tons of blessings on them.

This visit to old age home was a learning experience for all of them and after this, they hoped that none of us could ever think of sending our parents to old age home. The evening ended with a promise to re-visit the home to learn and share some more moments with them!!

A step outside our goal in helping these old people is very essential, FOR, they are the parents without whom we would not be where we are TODAY!!!!

This was Umang Foundation's 156th event

Photographs By : Pooja Goyal(Agarwal)
Editorial By : Roli Sharma
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Celebrate Umang in life - August 2010

Each year Umang Foundation continues to advance in its mission. With the help of our dedicated contributors, members and volunteers we’ve been able to organize 155 activities in less than two years. Some of our social activities in the past have seen many lives changed for the better.

Some of our activities include:

• Supporting 3100+ Under Privileged Children through Promote Education
• Organized 51 Blood Donation Camps and collected 3600+ blood bottles
• Collected and Distributed clothes among 3500+ tribal and rural villagers
• Recreational and fun activities among street / orphan / single parent children
• Organized 6 Medical Health Camps in slum areas and examined 2000+ slum residents
• Supported Old age homes
• Supporting cancer patients and organized Mumbai Darshan – One day trip for cancer patients (kids)
• Provide blood donors for thalassemia, cancer patients, major surgeries and patients admitted in hospitals

We believe there’s more to life and our goal is to make a difference…

Next @ Umang

In the month of August 2010, come forward and “Celebrate Umang in life” with us by taking initiative individually or in your society or in your organization [Organization can take this as “CSR Initiative”]:-

• Collect Clothes and Toys and other material
[Write us at to know what all can be collected]
These collected clothes and other material will be distributed among slum residents and villagers in and around Mumbai.

Organization / Societies can also take other initiatives mentioned below:-

• Blood Donation Camps in corporate and creating awareness about it
• Support for “Promote Education” among less fortunate section of society
• Eye Donation and creating awareness about it

Kindly feel free to reach us +91-98199 40222 or email us at for further details.

We look forward to your contribution, volunteering, and undivided attention. Help us to connect and promote our mission to various other corporate and individual donors.

Remember, your encouraged participation will bring about the change you want to see.



Ashish Goyal
Founder, Umang Foundation
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