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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Distribution of Clothes among tribal villagers

Members of Umang Foundation have collected clothes from different areas of Mumbai which was supported by more than 300 families and 8-9 corporate have participated in the month of August – September 2010.
Few Umang Members started their day at 6:00 AM and assembled at 07:45 AM at Thane station and move further to Karjat in a group and few directly reached to Karjat Station. Clothes and Toys were already sent to the village well in advance. Now the whole team of 17-18 people heading towards Village.

First destination was a hostel where Team Umang was supposed to meet around 150 children. Team was overwhelmed by the way the hostel staff welcomed us. The children had already gathered at the hostel and a heart warming good morning wishes by the children. Before starting distribution of clothes, brief introduction of Umang Foundation was given by members of Team Umang.
Team Umang make sure that the best available clothes as per individual children size should be given to every children. Hence they shown each and every clothes to children and took a approximate measure and then they give that to children with a punch of smile.

After distribution of clothes among children, team Umang headed towards the wadi which was approximate 2-3 kms from this hostel. This wadi has approximated a residence of approx 350 tribal villagers. Here villager’s main occupation is farming as daily wagers only in the nearby land.
It seems that all villagers were eagerly waiting for the Team Umang to arrive, everyone would like to be the first in queue and wish to get their favourite colour and design of the clothes. Somehow Team Umang were able to manage the crowd who has almost jumped on the Team Umang to get clothes for them.
It was huge smile on their faces after receiving clothes, which shown us as a symbol of greater day and it was only the start. It was also evident that villagers were quite happy with the gesture made by the Members of Umang Foundation. It was our first distribution in this year and similarly Team Umang will reach out more and more remote areas where clothes are required by the tribal villagers or slum area residents.
As the activity ended at 2:00 PM, we could see that the entire village was at Buzz, happy faces here and there. We rounded out for a group photo, some with the villagers, and some with the kids.
As ending our journey at around 2:30 PM the team headed towards a local restaurant called Lucky’s, the team had their share of well deserved lunch. After Lunch at 4:30 PM Team Umang got the local train, which we boarded from Karjat as we headed towards our respective homes.

The activity was not only the eye opener as we were exposed to the ground realities of the society around us, but ended as a new and successful step for Umang Foundation.
Team Umang
1 Amrapali Mathwale
2 Anjali Saxena
3 Ashish Goyal
4 Ashish Kadam
5 Chetan Karkhanis
6 Diksha
7 Kirti Verma
8 Laju Dalal
9 Mr. Ramdas
10 Neeraj
11 Pooja Goyal
12 Purva
13 Rahul Gupta
14 Rahul Pawar
15 Shishir
16 Shubhdha
17 Taabish
18 Yogita

Photographs of the Day:-
Photographs by: Chetan Karkhanis
Editorial By: Ashish Goyal
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