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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drawing Competition

January 26, 2009 : Drawing Competition among 70 Children at Fr Agnel’s Church, Bandstand, Bandra

Umang Foundation sought an opportunity to provide some time and service to the 70 boys living in Father Agnel's Orphanage, Bandra. It is headed by 1 prefect and 2 fathers and some faculty.

Every child was waiting for Umang Foundation group eagerly on the Monday Morning at Fr Agnel’s Church, Bandstand, Bandra. They were arranging their beddings and cleaning the room as time of Umang Members to reach the orphanage was coming closure. At 10:30 am Umang Members have reached the place as per the schedule of the day. All Children were very excited about drawing competition as most of them have good hidden talent within them.

To start with Ashish Goyal has introduced the Umang Members to the children and then a loud noise from every kid “Vande Matram” which clearly indicated that let’s start our real work for the day. Without wasting any single moment Ashish quickly explained the whole plan for the day and in the mean time Surender Pendam, Jayant Bansal, Ridhi Sheth distributed the Drawing Sheets and Crayons Colors along with pencil, sharpeners and eraser to every kid.

To start the drawing competition we had Mrs Archana Sarte, a professional drawing teacher who explained the basics of drawing to the children and explained the theme of the day – ‘INDIA’, theme of the day to give children a chance to draw their ‘Dream INDIA’ or what is the first thing they can think when they listen the word ‘INDIA’. It was again not surprising to listen from children “Fight against Terrorism”, “Pollution free India”, “Terrorist entered by Sea route”, “A Burning Taj Mahal Hotel”, “Save Tiger”, “Peaceful India”, “National Items”, “Indian Culture”, “Mother India”, “Save Trees”, “India on Moon”.

Umang Members have distributed the National Flags to all children to pin it up on their shirts.

One hour time was allotted to children and we started drawing competition at 11:20 am and it is really good to see that most of the children were really good in drawing which was evident in first 15 minutes with their pencil sketch on paper and as soon as they fill colors in the pencil drawn design on sheet, we were surprised to see the Impact of Terror Attacks in Mumbai in the mind of these children. They could not forget the Burning Taj Mahal Hotel or Attack at CST Station or Terrorist entered through the sea route on boat, Burning BEST buses and many similar picture in their mind is so dense that they could articulate the same over the paper.

There were 10 big tables which kids were using for drawing, have been distributed among the Umang Members to guide them and to judge the drawing after wards. Every Umang Members have identified the First and Second prize among their table’s children whom they were mentoring throughout the session, then Father Diniz Francisco visited all the tables and saw all the drawing drawn by kids and mentioned the spelling mistake to the kids and guide the correct word to them too. Then, Father Diniz Francisco and Father Victor distributed the gifts to the children.

By this time it is 1:45 PM, and its time for Lunch, Umang Members have arranged a Biryani and Raita for all the children. Umang Members have served the food to all the children which was followed by Samosa to all the children.

Post Lunch session has started around 2:30 pm where Games, Songs, Dance and Music were Planned. As per the plan Ansuman Mohapatra and Alpa Khatri started a game Dumb Shred with the children, Mrs Ghosh another Umang member explained the rules of the game and started a game with the children. After playing for 30 minutes they initiated a number game too.

At around 3:15 pm Himanshu Gupta and Jayant Bansal took a charge for Songs and Dance performance by the children. One of them told that we also play guitar and then 2 Children bring their guitars and sing a song on the guitar beats.

By this time it is almost 4:00pm and as per the pre-discussed schedule its time for wrapping up the day from this place and Its time for us to say Good Bye to all these wonderful children with cheering smile.

Few of children have shared their experience with Ridhi Sheth:-

Imran said:-
I loved this short programme very much, It was fun and Enjoyable. It was well organized. Umang Members were very good and Kind and I loved the drawing competition topic “INDIA” as it was not difficult nor hard, It was simple and easy topic which helped me to win the prize.
I loved the food very much, I love Raita. Thank You for so kind and grateful to us.

Ernest said:-
I find that there are NO Problems for us in the Ashram, we enjoy our life and get all the facilities. I found the event very nice and on my path O enjoyed it very much. The food was very nice and I enjoyed it. On my side I don’t need anything but we the children need your prayer and blessings for us and the fathers. Thank You for the wonderful time we enjoyed with you all. Thank You.

William said:-
I liked it very much and we enjoyed this programme very much, I thank Umang Foundation who gave us the delicious food and really we enjoyed this delicious food but next time we want to play tournaments like football, cricket and volley ball.

Sebastian said:-
We enjoyed this day, Today we like the program which was held like drawing competition and we enjoyed lunch and we thank all the volunteers. We thank Umang Foundation. We like this programme very much and if you come again we would like to play football tournament. We like this place. Thank you to all.

Shiva said:-
On 26th January 09, Umang Foundation conducted a creative programme for the children of the Agnel Ashram. The programme started at 11:00 am with the foundation members introducing themselves to the children.

They first conducted the drawing competition by dividing the children in the different groups, making them sit on the different tables.

Two winners were selected from each table and given 1st and 2nd prizes accordingly the competition came to end at 1:30pm. Soon after the programme lunch was given, by the facial expression of the children it could be clearly seen that they enjoyed the lunch very much.

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Food Distribution

January 26, 2009 : Food Distribution at H K Chainani Elder's Home

Umang Champion : Pankaj Shah
Thanks to Mallika Chandrasekhar (Retd Scientist) to initiate this and carry it forward with all responsibilities.
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