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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Medical Check-up Camp – One Step towards “Healthy” Living

It has been rightly said by Buddha “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship”

So, this Sunday Umang Foundation’s young team decided to give the residents of Vidyavihar a gift of Good health with the faithful medical assistance by medical professionals including doctors from JJ hospital. The objective of the camp was not only to conduct check ups but also to inform and educate the participants on first aid, eating habits, precautionary measures, ill effects of narcotics etc.

It all began on a bright Sunday morning with setting up counters and medicines to help the residents easily understand the process of health check-up. There were counters for:

• Registration

• Height and Weight Measurement

• Blood Pressure

• Blood Sugar Level

• Physical examination

A team of 12 responsible doctors were made available to the residents and they were seen giving personal attention to each of the participant’s habits and symptoms. Venue for the camp being Rotary Club’s Nana-Nani park, Rotary Club members also were seen strongly supporting the young energetic Team Umang. A word about this medical camp was already spread, through local newspapers and pamphlets.

As the day moved further, people from nearby localities started pouring in huge numbers. People with different age-groups, were seen waiting for their turn at the registration desk. Around 200 residents completed their check-ups in mere two and half hours of the event. Some of the patients who were suffering from common ailments were given free medicines by the team.

Post-Lunch period was no different either; people kept flooding in for check-up which was a good sign of awareness created by the Umang team. Before the day ended, 350 residents successfully completed their check-ups and a few had been referred to Specialist Doctors for further treatment.

All the helpful and generous doctors were given a Certificate of Appreciation for supporting the Umang team in such a noble cause. These Doctors were more than happy and eager to give their support in many such events to be held in near future. Rotary Club members were also thanked gratefully by the Umang team, as without them the event would not have become a hit among the residents.

Precaution is always better than cure and such check-up camps do help the common man to understand his body structure and take precautionary measures as per his eating habits. If every youth of India takes a simple step towards creating a healthy atmosphere around his place then surely medicines and diseases would be just a part of history.

Umang Foundation and its team have planned similar check-up camps in every month to build up a habit of healthy living among all.

Total Patients: 350

Blood Sugar Test for: 135 Patients

Event was attended by:

1. Praveen Ochani
2. Renuka Bhavake
3. Kirti Masurkar
4. Arti
5. Amrapali Mathwale
6. Manish Nair
7. Rahul Gupta
8. Roli Sharma
9. Anup Palod
10. Shilpa Palod
11. Pooja Goyal
12. Ashish Goyal

Photographs of the Day:

Umang Champion :
Ashish Goyal

Editorial :
Roli Sharma

Photograph by :
Ashish Goyal
Pooja Goyal
Roli Sharma
Amrapali Mathwale
Anup Palod
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