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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Diwali Decoration and Celebration at Old Age Home

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Diwali Decoration and Celebration at Old Age Home

Ever imagined celebrating festivals with unknown people away from home? Many of us can’t even imagine celebrating festivals without our loved ones around. This weekend, Saturday 10th Oct 2009, Team Umang has reached a scenic venue where its members are not from a single family.

Yup, you guessed it right! Team Umang has visited a beautifully located Old Age Home in Bhayender (W), Kisan Gopal Rajpuriya Vanprastha Ashram – a second inning home for approx 50 people to bring in the festive spirit of Diwali in all its glory for those who are at a home away from home. This Old Age home is located near Uttan Area in the outskirts of Bhayender.

Team Umang reached the second inning home at 10 a.m. The residents were already seated in the hall area of the Ashram eagerly awaiting the arrival of Team Umang and the celebrations that would come along. The old age residents shook hands and greeted Team Umang with enthusiastic fervor and seemed happy and excited to have them in their premises. Team Umang then went around chit-chatting and greeting the residents individually and after a wholesome, scrumptious breakfast of Poha, dhoklas and tea initiated the celebrations at the Ashram with a bang.

The day was started with Introduction note about Umang Foundation by Diksha Bhojwani and Ashish Goyal to all the inmates and not to a surprise; many inmates could recognize Ashish as this was his 5th visit to this second inning home.

A Bhajans Mandli was invited to entertain and interact with the house members. They were very delighted to hear their favorite bhajans LIVE in front of them.

The bhajans turned out to be a huge hit with the residents and most of them, some even above 70 years of age, stood up to shake a leg or to sing their hearts out with any song they were fond of. The result was an atmosphere filled with divine music and merry and the ashram hall turning into a dance floor.

Who said, practice makes man perfect, we have seen age has no barriers for those who believe people go old by thoughts not by will. These excited housemates were dancing better than any of the members of Team Umang out there then, started the demonstration of singing skills, and they were really melodious.

Meanwhile, the Girls of Team Umang were busy in decorating the house with rangoli, flowers etc. Even boys got a chance to show their hidden talents in rangoli!!! Doors were decorated with stickers and Flowers all around.

A very special bouquet made by uncles and aunties to honor our Trustee Mr. R S Goyal and special thanks to Mr. Yogesh the vocalist of the Bhajan Mandli.

Then at 1:00 PM, its time for lunch which was served and arranged by Team Umang with a simple staple food and sweets in the menu. Housekeeping team of the Old Age home had their share of rest that day, since all the major tasks were handled by the Team Umang. Some of the house mates could not be a part of all these activities because their body is not supporting them to move from their bed but utmost care was taken to interact with them in their respective rooms.

They got emotionally attached with the Team Umang within some time and started narrating sweet memories of their past.

Action resumed in the evening with all the residents assembling inside the temple where a game of housie was organized by Team Umang. Excitement started as game master Gaurav Gujare announced the prizes which were either a medicine box or a spectacle case and it seemed everybody was determined to win the game with fervor, innocence and competitive spirit.

Also, the temple was decorated with Flowers and a beautiful rangoli made by girls of Team Umang.

There were several prizes to be won and in the end every player ended up with a prize in hand. The residents were then distributed packets of ‘Laddoos’ and ‘Namkeen’ as snacks and a Diwali memento of a packet of beautifully decorated Diyas were handed over to each resident.

The residents, away from home, missing their families, had joy on their faces, memories in their eyes and expressed their wholehearted gratitude with priceless smiles, heartfelt blessings and a promise from Team Umang to come again to the Ashram soon, to be their family in the many more festive seasons to come.

Team Umang bid the residents and the Ashram farewell with a mixture of emotions, joy in their eyes and tears in their hearts.

Sometimes, small events bring the greater joy in life. This was a perfect example for understanding how small moments of life can bring greatest joy to people who have given their whole and soul in making young and responsible citizens.

May these Housemates and their families have a very wonderful and happiest Diwali ever!

Team Umang:-
R S Goyal, Sophia Ali Ansari, Gaurav Gujare, Ajay Pardeshi, Vishal, Akansh Goyal, Sweta Singh, Ashish Choudhary, Rahul, Roli, Diksha Bhojwani, Chetan Karkhanis, Mayuri Parekh, Rahul Gupta, Pooja Agarwal and Ashish Goyal

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