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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Musical Show

January 17, 2009 : Memorable Patriotic Musical Evening at Old Age Home
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A enthusiasm never go with age, it goes with heart; You can enjoy every musical moments at any point of life and this truth is once again proved where we have organized a Musical Celebration of Patriotic feeling at our Old Age Home.

After the long mail chains for over two week of discussion and arrangement for spending time at the old age home H K Chainani Elders Home at Mulund (E), there was still some games listing and shopping left for the last minute. We gathered at 2 pm for the discussion which followed by shopping of gifts and some daily utility items for the elders.

The theme decided for the day was patriotism and we had arranged for a troupe of professional singers to take up one of the event. As everyone entered the common hall where the events were organised we welcomed each of them with a National Flag. It was nice to see them proudly tilt their shoulders forward as the Umang volunteers tucked the National Flag to their clothes. Slowly the hall filled up with 30 pretty old ladies and gentle men in their 70s and 80s.

We started with some bhajans followed by patriotic songs. Everyone was clapping along as the chores continued. Healthy snacks were provided to give them a break. As we wanted their equal participation and involvement we played some movie games and Game of Housie. The Umang volunteers sat along with them to help them check their tickets. The Game of Housie winners were given lovely painted mugs along with napkins as a small token.

Now it was time to dance, Yes you believe it or not they all were very enthusiastic about this very part of the event every one danced on the Sindhi numbers and Punjabi remixes even those who had knee problems and could not stand danced sitting on their chair, raising their hands with moving figures and rocking their shoulders. It was good to hear from them that the event and our presence had made them remind their childhood again. They felt YOUNG!! This was our basic motto / intention and our commitment for the day to bring the beautiful smile on their faces. We felt like our objective for the day was fulfilled their smiles made us feel yes!! We had done it!! It was a real sense of achievement for the moment.

Umang Members, who sung many patriotic songs, some of them are :

1. Ae mere vatan k logon
2. Yeh desh hai veer jawano kaa
3. Aye mere pyarae vatan, a merae bichadae vatan
4. Jahan Dal dal par sono ki chidiae karti hai basera
5. Sare jahan se acha
6. Nana muna rahi hu
7. Merae desh ki dharti
8. Vandae matheram
9. Hoto pe sachai rehati hai
10. Hai preet jahan ki reet jahan
11. Jan gan man
12. Bharat humko jaaan sae bhi pyara hai
13. Chak dae India
14. Fir bhi dil hai Hindustani
15. Ae maalik tere bande hum

Now, the time for last session of the day which was Dinner and as we arranged the plates on the tables in the mess area, each one of them came and took their seats like good boys and girls. Yes, their places were fixed!! It was pleasure serving them food... taking care of the consumption in their plates asking them for more wondered if they could get this attention from their own children could not find out if they still lovely painted mugs longed for that or they did overcome !

We had arranged for toothpaste and soaps, for each individual, sufficient to stock for a year. As we handed these to them and bid them farewell they told us “try to make it here, to meet us at least every month” just hoping that we had some more time to spend with them, it was bed time for them and we had to wave them good night. They gave blessings as they waved back blessings from the bottom of their hearts, blessings that were priceless the oldies were really Goldies !!!

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