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Monday, March 16, 2009

Distribution of Clothes

Distribution of Clothes among villagers at Saple Village (Tribal Village), Karjat

Umang Champion : Rahul Pawar

About Saple Village: Saple is a small tribal village, 12 KMS from Karjat station with a population of about 365 persons. Farming is the only bread and butter for the villagers.

Few Umang Members started their day at 5:30 AM today and all assembled at 07:45 AM at Thane station and then whole team moved forward for Karjat and arrived Karjat by 9:45 AM by 8:15 Local from Thane. Clothes and Toys were already send to the village well in advance. Now the whole team of 15 people heading towards Saple, we stopped at temple at kadav, praying for success to Umang’s new activity.

Reaching Saple at 11:00 AM, we were overwhelmed by the way the village welcomed us. The children had already gathered at the school and a heart warming good morning wishes by the children, soon the tribal people also made their way and welcomed us. Before starting, there was a brief introduction of Umang Foundation by local social activist. He briefed us about how the school activities as well.

Briefly speaking to the village authorities, we came to know that the kids used to have yearly medical checkups camps by Jilla Parishad; however, Umang Foundation will look forward to setup a medical camp in Saple Village in the near future. We came to know that the people of Saple Village are quite interested in sending their children to school and higher studies, rather than make them work, however not everyone could make it due to economical problems.

The school at Saple Village provided education from class 1 to class 4, with 18 students combined from class 1 to class 4 in one room school. Kids have to go to a nearby village Kadav for their class 5 to class 10 educations. However, what was astonishing is the fact that all four classes used to happen at the same time and the no of teachers were only two. We were also informed that government has allowed the school to build one more classroom, but the villagers did not had any land donated to them hence had to deal with only one classroom.

To kick off the day, We started of with distributing sweets to the children, who had a huge smile on their faces, which shown us as a symbol of greater day and it was only the start. Next, we started of distributing clothes/toys to small and middle aged kids and then with the men and women of the village who were quite happy with the gesture made by the Members of Umang Foundation.

As the activity ended at 12:30 PM, we could see that the entire village was at Buzz, happy faces here and there. We rounded out for a group photo, some with the villagers, and some with the kids.

As ending our journey at around 2 PM the team headed towards a local pond for some refreshment, and some time off cooling their heels in the pond. Next up we headed towards a local restaurant called Lucky’s, the team had their share of well deserved lunch, as we discussed future projects for Umang Foundation, we decided 29th March 2009 as our next venture towards distribution of clothes to the poor and needy.

5:13 PM was the local train we boarded from Karjat as we headed towards our respective homes.

The activity was not only a eye opener as we were exposed to the ground realities of the society around us, but ended as a new and successful step for Umang Foundation.

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