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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nurturing Young with Kindness

14th Nov 2009: Today was a remarkable day for Umang Foundation as Team Umang organized its 125th activity.

The venue was Parivartan Shikshan Sanstha – a learning center located at Wadala East, Mumbai, which educates about 150 less fortunate children.

It was Children’s Day celebration organized by Umang Foundation. The day was made unforgettable for these children, filled with learning and laughter, lots of fun, food and frolic. It was organized with frenzied activity for hordes of children who swarmed the Shikshan Sanstha’s premises to be a part of the celebration.

Team Umang - Abhilasha Kale, Sandeep Bhanushali, Roli Sharma, Sweta Singh, Pooja Agarwal, Mukul Gaur, Chetan Karkhanis, Mayuri Parekh, Shiv Iyer, Shiva Reddy, Gaurav Gujare, Anup Palod, Shilpa Jaithalya, Ashish Goyal and Ashish Choudhary reached the venue before time to organize and decorate the premises.

The Sanstha had invited kids to come in two batches. Kids in the age group – 4 to 8 years came at around 10 am The second batch had kids in the age group – 8 to 12 years came around 01.00 pm.

The day started by Anup Palod, Member - Team Umang explaining the significance of Children’s Day to the kids. This was followed by snack distribution.

A painting competition was organized, for which a compass box (with pencils, eraser, sharpener and scale), crayons and drawing sheet were distributed. All the kids were engrossed in painting and trying to showcase their talent in the best possible way. The best drawings won surprise gifts while the rest of them got consolation prizes.

After this, caps and face masks were distributed to create a Fun Fair theme among the children. Since it was lunch time puri –bhaji, sheera and rasna (cold drink) were served.

These innocent kids were so happy about the whole event that they wanted to have some more fun.

Then it was a turn for the second batch of kids of age group – 8 to 12 years.

Gaurav Gujare, Member - Team Umang started by giving a short summary about the significance of Children’s Day.

This was followed by mimicry of Bollywood Stars done by Mukul Gaur Member - Team Umang. The kids were so thrilled that soon demands started pouring in for mimicry of their favorite stars.

Some of the talented kids sang the poems and songs taught by their teachers at the Sanstha.

Then, Anup Palod Member - Team Umang went on to sing ”Itni shakti humein dena Daatha” so beautifully that the kids started singing too. Asif Khan, a super-talented kid among the group, then sang an Arabic song. His voice was simply awesome. He even went on to explain the meaning of the lyrics.

This was followed by different games organized among the kids like ‘Tail the Donkey’ and ‘Passing the Parcel’. The winners got gifts and all other got gifts too.

Just before the celebrations were about to end, music and dance masti added an extra edge to the fun. Members of Umang Foundation were busy learning dance steps from the kids. Dancing to the tune of the latest Bollywood numbers made the environment all the more happening.

Mr. Gangadhar Shinde, Care-taker of Parivartan Shikshan Sanstha and all the teachers were thankful to the Umang Foundation from the bottom of their hearts. One of them rightly summed up by saying - ”Umang Foundation’s efforts to celebrate this day in a different way, was just driven by a strong urge to make it a memorable experience for these children who are otherwise deprived of such privileges”.

Photographs of the Day:

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