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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bringing smile with a noble thought

Clothes Distribution Drive in Village Near Karjat

This week Team Umang gathered in to the ancestral village Jammruk near Kadav of Karjat district for their 8th cloth distribution drive. Team Umang have gathered at Bhivpuri station (before Karjat) at 9 am in the morning, from there journey begins to Jammruk village. Team Umang reached there at 11 am.

A huge crowd gathered on the site of the camp made us feel pleased about the step Umang Foundation has taken, but at the same time it was heart wrenching to see the poverty so clearly etched in their faces. Despite their eagerness, they were very well behaved again to our very pleasant surprise. One pair of cloths has been distributed to everyone gathered in the camp.

The whole event was managed very well and the distribution took place in a very orderly manner with some children putting on the clothes the very instant they received them! And to think that the reason for their beaming faces was lying forgotten all the while in junk cupboards most likely to be thrown away in a bin! This event underlined for us the importance of small endeavors we undertake and the profound effect they have.

At this juncture we would like to express a heartfelt thanks to all members who sacrificed their weekend and chose to work under the burning sun for the same. It gave us immense pleasure to see that the smiles which this simple gesture put on the faces of the workers were a reward high enough for all those involved in the camp.

Umang Foundation is also planning similar drives every month to provide stuffs to less fortunate villagers.

Team Umang :-

1. Rahul Pawar
2. Raghu Iyer
3. Kiran
4. Amrapali Mathwale
5. Shilpa Jaithaliya
6. Anup Palod
7. Renuka Bhavake
8. Kirti Masurkar
9. Prashant
10. Shirish Kadam
11. Manish Nair

Editorial by: Anup Palod

Photographs by: Anup Palod & Shilpa Jaithaliya

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