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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Celebration

New Year... New 'Umang’…

Creating UMANG (as always) in an Orphanage was the main motive of UMANG members on this New Year. The destination was 'SHARNAM' - A Shelter for Girls in Matunga.Though the 'FUN’ day started post-lunch, but the enthusiasm and zeal of girls in Orphanage was appreciable.

It all began with a 'Magic Show' organized for the girls of age-group (6-14 yrs). All Girls were seen engrossed in watching the tricks of magic and enjoying the wonderful act by Magician 'Mr Sooraj.

'Housie' Game was next on the cards for the Girls. A spark of Winning Attitude was observed in practically every little girl in the room. Four early bird prizes were distributed to the winners by the Umang members.

A quiz show was then planned for the girls by Umang member ‘Gaurav Gujare’. He proactively had involved all the girls in the room in his easy but tricky questions. Prizes were distributed on every correct answer to motivate these girls. It was observed that all the girls were so sharp in memory that they remembered each and every Umang member's name even if they spoke to him/her just once.

New Year Celebration without Dance and music always sounds incomplete. So, to make the atmosphere more lively, some girls presented a beautiful group dance on a devotional song. These girls had a dream to perform on a bigger platform at a popular dance show Dance India Dance. Audiences (Umang Members) were spell bound by their talent and performance. Their talent then motivated all the other girls and Umang members to have a dance session on their favorite songs.Umang members also got an opportunity to learn few steps by these young girls.

One of the Umang member ‘Abhilasha Kale’ rightly commented, "This is the first time young children are creating UMANG among all so much that Umang Foundation in real sense served its purpose of organizing this event."

We can truly call them an IT generation since many of them are present on Facebook. And they took e-mail ids from Umang Members. These kids are well versed with what happening in the world. They enjoy study as well as other activities like sports and dance.

• Photographs of the Day:

Umang Foundation had contributed and raised funds to distribute some gifts for all the girls of the shelter. Girls were thankful to the Team Umang for having bags, personal pouches, table books, sketch pens, cookies and chocolates with added love and care for them. Team Umang have also contributed for yearly soaps and toothpastes of these kids.

The caretaker and founder of ‘SHARNAM’ appreciated the young Team Umang by presenting them a small memorable gift. Good wishes for the Team Umang were just an implicit thing to mention about.Justify Full

This was Umang’s 129th activity. Umang members had thus started their New Year on a very good note.

Kudos to UMANG Foundation!!

• This Event was covered by Doordarshan - DD News and All India Radio (AIR)

Event was attended by:

1. Surender Pendam
2. Amrapali Mathwale
3. Gaurav Gujare
4. Pooja Goyal
5. Ashish Goyal
6. Mayuri Parekh
7. R S Goyal
8. Ruchir Aswal
9. Ansuman Mohapatra
10. Abhilasha Kale
11. Renuka Bhavake
12. Roli Sharma
13. Chetan Karkhanis
14. Sooraj
15. Saurabh
16. Kiran Dedhia
17. Chirag Dedhia
18. C Mallika
19. Raghu Iyer
20. Sanjay Jhunjhunwala
21. Aruna Jhunjhunwala
22. Khushali Dave
23. Khushali’s Daughter
24. Khushali’s Mother in Law
25. Swati Jagtap

Umang Champion - Ansuman Mohapatra & Amrapali Mathwale

Editorial - Abhilasha Kale & Roli Sharma

Photograph - Chetan Karkhanis

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