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Sunday, March 28, 2010

An extravagant musical evening at an Next - Inning Home

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” Such quotes are heard many a times but we hardly get time to understand it in real sense.

This Sunday, Team Umang explained the true meaning of this by organizing a musical evening for the residents of next inning home in Mulund (East). Inmates of Next Inning Home had an exciting musical evening this Sunday which was a truly unforgettable for most of the people present at the venue.

It all started when Team Umang decided to visit the Old Age home in Mulund east, to give an evening filled with excitement, music and happiness for the house members. Activity Details and the basic flow of the program was discussed and planned with the cordial support of Mr. Ashok Sahani who manages the Old age home. Young Old people living there had started preparations for this event 2 weeks prior to the actual event.

Evening started with an entertainment section where in evergreen old songs were sung by members of Team Umang (Muni Raman, Anup Palod, Roli Sharma, Pooja Goyal, Jimmy Sanghvi, Sweta Singh, Amrapali and Garima Goyal). The heart-touching romantic songs and the singing skills motivated the house members to showcase their hidden talents and then began the talent hunt among all the house members. It became very tough for the Team Umang to decide upon the most talented person among all, as everybody was just at par in excellence. Seeing the high energy level of inmates it is was really difficult to select one or two person out of the whole group.

A Karaoke set was arranged specially for this musical concert. Members of Team Umang –cum- Singers of Team Umang continued singing for around two hours on demand of the house members.

Songs like ‘Neele Neele Ambar pe’, ‘Rang barse’, ‘Mere Angne mein’ and many others saw huge applaud from the members. Some of the house members just couldn’t resist themselves from dancing on these popular songs. Dancing, Singing, Bhajans continued for the major part of the evening just because of the active participation of house members.

Next section comprises of lots of interesting games exclusively planned for the evening.

A Simple game of Chanting ‘Om’ for the maximum time flagged off the Game section. Few Tongue twisters were introduced among the inmates to create a funny atmosphere. But, some of the aunties were so superior in this art of repeating tongue twisters that the spectators were just spellbound and surprised. An Exciting game of Housie was also played among all the inmates. Winners were given on the spot prizes for their marvelous enthusiasm for participating in the games.

Birthday Celebration of two house members was scheduled next. Cake was brought in by the volunteers for Ms Devi Kolani and Mr. Ghanshyam Das, birthday mates for the month of March. Decoration, Birthday Caps and Cake cutting ceremony made them recollect their young days where birthdays were always celebrated in families. Ms Devi Kolani, said “ I am feeling like I am in my family after having such a grand celebration"

The old age home members followed a strict discipline of having dinner, so the music fun and enjoyment had to be stopped for dinner time. During dinner time Pav Bhaji, Fruit Salad and Kaju Katli was arranged and served by the Team Umang. Delicious food was just like the icing on the cake for the evening. Team Umang also fulfilled the household requirements of the old age home by providing Rice, Oil and Tea in bulk.

Mr. Ashok Sahani, Care-taker of Old Age home, was quoted as “Umang Foundation and its members have done an wonderful job today by giving their precious weekend time to this old age home. Faces of the house members were just glowing with the smiles, and this could only happen due to the heart-ful team work of Umang Foundation”

“Team Umang is determined to bring positive change and spread smile all over with such events” added Ashish Goyal, Founder Umang Foundation.
House members specifically took promises from each of the volunteer to return and organize many such events for them. The mere five hours of time brought all of the house members close to the Team Umang and they wished the evening did not end so early. Team Umang have promised to organize similar events in future too because, Life is not Life, if it’s not lived for others!!!

This was Umang Foundation’s 141st event.

Team Umang:-

1. Aditi Kale
2. Amrapali Mathwale
3. Ansuman Mohapatra
4. Anup Palod
5. Ashish Goyal
6. Garima Goyal
7. Gaurav Gujare
8. Hermesh
9. Himanshu Gupta
10. Jayant Bansal
11. Jimmy Sanghvi
12. Muni Raman
13. Niket Kangle
14. Nikhil Sawant
15. Pooja Goyal
16. Priyanka Pol
17. Radhey Shyam Goyal
18. Roli Sharma
19. Roopashri Shetty
20. Shambhunath Singh
21. Sharadha Parab
22. Sharadha Salunkhe
23. Shilpa Jethaliya
24. Sweta Singh
25. Dhruvi Dhoshi

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