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Saturday, July 2, 2011

264. Nothing Smells Better than New Notebooks

July 2, 2011

There is nothing like smell of new notebooks for those students who are eager to learn but cannot afford it because of poor economic conditions. As we know, most of such children live in slums in the absence of basic facilities. Their fathers work as daily wagers while mothers as home-maids. Their parents barely manage to feed them. For these children education is dream and luxury, and proper education material is more than a gift, which makes their learning experience truly joyful.

Umang Foundation, not-for-profit organization became the reason of invaluable joy of 4062 Children from Ullhasnagar, Dist Thane. Major portion of funding for this collected during Mumbai Marathon 2011. Chief Guest for this distribution drive was Mr Prashant Patil who stood 10th in Full Marathon of Mumbai Marathon 2011 edition.

To boost morale of these unfortunate children, who dream to change their future through education; Umang Foundation has taken a step forward by providing stationary kits that will ease their learning process. The foundation distributed stationary kits comprising notebooks, compass box, pen, pencils, pencil box, drawing book, crayons, sketch pens and all in recycle cloth bag to carry which helped Team Umang to spread a message to prevent our very own environment among eight schools:

1. Matoshri Ramabai Ambedkar Vidyalaya
2. Dnyandeep Vidyalaya
3. Vishakha Prathamic Vidyalaya
4. Amrapali Vidhalya
5. Bahujan Hitay Vastigrah
6. Mahatma Phule Vidyalaya
7. Nagsena Vidyalaya
8. Venubai Ambo Pawshe Vidyalaya

These children are students of non-aided schools where unlike municipal/government schools students don’t get everything free except Textbooks from government. “These children manage their whole year's study by writing all subjects either one or two notebooks and they stop attending school when they don’t have further notebooks to write. But now they will have a separate notebook for each and every subject. It’s very small thing for us but it makes big difference to their education and helps us to be brick of their future building,” says Ashish Goyal, Founder and Managing Trustee, Umang Foundation.
Expressing gratitude towards Umang Foundation, Mahadev Sonawane, chairman of Matoshree Ramabai Ambedkar Vidyalaya, “I am really thankful to Team Umang that their help in the form of stationary kits to the children of Ulhasnagar and Kalyan will have a long lasting impact on the future of 4000 students. Last year also Umang helped the children of our school but this year it was much bigger help for other schools as well.”

This was the biggest event organised by Umang Foundation so far. Around 80+ Umang Members put their time and sweat to make this event successful on the day. This not-for-profit organization has distributed stationery kits to approximately 2050 children last year in three schools and one orphanage / hostel. Till now Umang d stationery kit(s) to 3750 students in this area in last 3 years. Team Umang helped children as :

• Year 1 - 2008 : ~500 students
• Year 2 - 2009 : ~1200 students
• Year 3 - 2010 : ~2050 students
• Year 4 - 2011 : ~4062 students

“Rupali while receiving her notebooks and stationery material said thanks to me, I am pleased and very much touched by these two words and felt obliged today” said Bhavik Parikh another Umang Member.

Team Umang is looking forward to support / provide stationery kit to minimum 10,000 children (every year) in coming years...

Umang was formed by like-minded young working professionals, who believe philanthropy starts with self in July 2008. This Philanthropic group includes professionals from the sectors like IT / Management / Finance and includes students, doctors, architects and elite senior citizens. Umang Foundation work towards bridging between Corporate Sector and less fortunate section of society.

Umang has organised 264 events/activities/workshops in three years time focusing on promotion of education, medical help, upliftment of tribal’s, basic facilities / amenities in remote villages, blood donation Camps, recreational activities for children, tree plantation, and support for orphanages and old age homes.

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