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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Umang Foundation enters the grand finale week of its flagship project – Promote Education

Umang Foundation enters the grand finale week of its flagship project – Promote Education

Umang Foundation, a Mulund based NGO has always believed education to be of paramount importance for the progress of the country. Every year Team Umang identifies schools with financially weak students and facilitates the supply of the stationery material needed for an academic year by them. The flagship project under which this is carried is called “Promote Education” which was launched in 2008. With its stanch belief and absolute commitment, Team Umang has been successful in reducing the volume of the dropouts of the students from these schools. Mr. Ashish Goyal, Founder and Managing Trustee of Umang Foundation proudly claims that “We are very happy that all our hard work has been translated into results. As Team Umang has progressively increased the number of beneficiary student year on year since 2008, we have actually even witnessed reduced dropouts. This gives a sense of achievement and we only pray for this continued progress.”

When asked about the plan of action for execution the current academic he said “Oh, we are already in the action-packed week of our project. This week we plan to prepare the stationery kits to be distributed. Over a hundred, dedicated Team Umang volunteers are very excited and enthusiastic to participate in the assembling of the stationery kits. No doubt, its a back breaking work but the members are extremely determined and hard working. Next week June 23, 2012 will mark our grand finale. More than 10,000 students will be the beneficiaries and we consider ourselves lucky to be able to witness the smiles on the faces of the thousands of the beneficiary students for one more year.” On being questioned about the adopted strategy of funding his calm reply was that “We use to get worked up and hassled earlier when it came to arrangement of funding but now we simply have learnt the magical effect of compounding of small amounts. For the collection of this year’s stationery kit distribution,  we have simply tried to explain that  a decision to contribute less than one rupee a day will secure an entire academic year of a needy student. This concept has been well received and people including individuals and corporate have realized that the otherwise insignificant one rupee has a such a profound compounding effect !! The response we got has left us spell bound. At Umang Foundation we believe that there’s more to life....Similarly, we had promised every contributor that there’s more to your rupee and June 23, 2012 will witness how truly have we lived our promise !!    
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