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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Promote Education by investing a rupee...

Umang Foundation says – “Promote Education by investing a rupee!”

Since 2008 Umang Foundation, a Mulund based registered NGO, has been focusing and working towards promoting education through its various initiatives. One of the key project of Umang Foundation is “Promote Education” under which the financially weaker and under-privileged students of the identified schools are provided with the stationery kits for the entire academic year. As June marks the beginning of the academic year with most of such identified schools, Team Umang is geared to provide this assistance to more than 10,000 such students this year.  Team Umang has its volunteers from all walks of life.

Amrit, a young enthusiast student says “Umang Foundation has helped me understand the value and underlying power of a rupee. I mean, can you imagine just one rupee which sounds so insignificant can actually secure an academic year for a student? While I cribbed about my always insufficient pocket money, I can’t believe that a rupee when rightly used could have such a magical effect. I am so excited and can’t wait to be there for this stationery distribution drive of Umang Foundation in June 2012.”

Vivek Dehariya, an IT professional and member of Team Umang said “Oh, this is one event I never like to miss. This year also I am looking forward to actively participate in and gather more cherish-able memories by witnessing thousands of happy fulfilled faces of these needy students.”  Laju Dalal, a working lady and member of Team Umang was overwhelmed with her experience during the previous year’s drive  stated that “Once you experience this joy of giving, am sure you cannot resist participation in this drive year on year even though it involved back braking work and endless tireless efforts for months to be this together. You just want to do everything possible and that too for a NGO like Umang Foundation is like cherry on the cake.”

Ashish Goyal, Founder of Umang Foundation, when questioned about this initiative, stated that “Team Umang works very committed and dedicatedly throughout the year for this stationery distribution drive which is typically carried in June. We have always believed that education is paramount for every child and hence “Promote Education” has always been one of our key initiatives. There is a lot of homework involved but Team Umang always makes it possible to progressively increase the number of the beneficiary students, year and year. He further said that “This June too, Team Umang is geared up to double the number of beneficiary students from that of last year. I pride the efforts of Team Umang and keep my fingers crossed.” He then smiled and concluded saying “In this harassed inflation environment we are here to re-define the value of One rupee the belief of Team Umang is -  ...there’s more to life... we would also say  ...there’s more to your rupee...”

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